Brief Introduction to Taixing International Half Marathon

"The flag is red, and the crossing is more calm." The 2018 Taixing International Half Marathon will be held in Taixing, Jiangsu province on October 28. Ten thousand runners will participate in the race, of which 5 thousand will take part in the half marathon, 3 thousand in the mini-marathon (5km), and 2 thousand in the family parent-child run (3km).

Taixing is located in the middle of Jiangsu province, at the north bank of lower reaches of Yangtze River, with the good reputation of the Town of Ginkgo, and the Town of Education. It has been ranking among the top 100 counties(cities) of national basic economic competitiveness for 17 consecutive terms, and ranked 34th in 2017. It is the bridgehead for the New Fourth Army to base on the North of Jiangsu and advance eastward smoothly and the leader of the new era in learning to catch up with South of Jiangsu and realizing leapfrog development.

In the autumn of Taixing, Ginkgo is the most beautiful scenery. The golden leaves are like small dancing fans, swaying amorous feelings in the branches, as if saying: come onmy friends, Taixing is looking forward to meeting you.