2018Taixing International Half Marathon

Notice of Solicitation for Theme Slogan and LOGO (emblem) Design

The 2018 Taixing International Half Marathon, jointly sponsored by the Chinese Athletics Association and Taixing Municipal People's Government, will be held in Taixing on October 28, 2018. In order to expand the influence of the event, we are now open to the public to collect the theme slogan and LOGO(emblem) of the competition. Specific requirements are as follows:

. Collection Time

From the date of the Notice to July 20, 2018.

. Application Requirements

The theme slogan and LOGO(emblem) of the application should reflect urban cultural features and characteristics of marathon, such as Marathon ""Taixing", "2018", "Town of Ginkgo""Town of Education" or "East Advance of the New Fourth Army", etc..

. Requirements for Content and Design Creation

1. Theme Slogan: being concise and comprehensivewith distinct themes, catchy, positive and influential. Both Chinese and English are acceptable, and the number of words should be within 16 characters; can be widely used in the event promotion.

2. LOGO (emblem): with lively color, distinct themes, appropriate allegory, unique creativity, clear and smooth patterns; with a sense of the times and extensive applicability; concise and beautiful in order to deepen the design and application; with high identification; to provide relevant introduction and design concept as well, and the word number is unlimited.

. Submission Requirements and Precautions

1. The submitted works shall be submitted in paper and electronic file respectively, together with the description of the creation concept and meaning of the works. The paper works shall be printed on A4 paper, which cannot be folded. LOGO (emblem) design drawings can be horizontal or vertical. The computer design works shall be no less than 100cm x 70cm in size, no less than 300dpi in accuracy, and the file storage format shall be JPEG. For contest slogan works, please edit and send the content and the contributor 's contact information to the submission email.

2. The author 's name, employer, contact number, address and a copy of Identity Card should be indicated in the submission.

3. Once the work is adopted, its copyright and usage right shall be owned by the organizing committee of the competition, which shall have the right to modify its design as required. The author shall not, under any circumstances, release or publish the selected works by himself or herself or authorize any other organizations or individuals to do so. The author only has the right of authorship. 

4. Please indicate the content of the application in the email title (such as "Application for Theme Slogan and LOGO(emblem) of 2018 Taixing International Half Marathon"). All works and media will not be returned. Please keep a copy. Please indicate on the outer package "Design Collection of 2018 Taixing International Half Marathon " when mailing it.

5. The works shall not be in violation of relevant laws and regulations in form and content, and shall not contain any content that is suspected of ethnic discrimination, religious discrimination or is contrary to social morality and fashion.

6. The applied works should be original works independently created and completed by the applicant in accordance with the requirements of the scheme, and must have not been published or exhibited in any form before. Those who plagiarize or copy other people's works and damage the lawful rights and interests of others shall bear corresponding legal liabilities.

7. All expenses incurred by the applicant when he/she participates in the solicitation activities shall be borne by himself/herself.

. Submission Address and Contact Information

Submission Address: Taixing Sports Center, No. 1 East Wenchang Road, Taixing;

Contact Person: Jiang Zhiwei  Tel: 0523-87550019

QQ Email: 12678881@qq.com

. Selection Methods

1. Invite experts to form a review committee to conduct classification and anonymous selection of the submitted works.

2. Publicize the selected works. The publicity media are: Taixing Daily, Taixing TV Station, Taixing Radio Station, Taixing Portal Website, Smart Taixing.

3. Publicity Period: 7 days.

4. The final result shall be announced in the public release media, and the winners shall be notified and registered by a special person.

. Incentives

1. Award Setting: theme slogan and LOGO(emblem) design shall respectively set up 1 first prize, 2 second prizes and 3 third prizes.

2. Bonus Setting: the theme slogan bonus is 1,000 Yuan for the first prize, 500 Yuan for the second prize and 200 Yuan for the third prize; The LOGO(emblem) design bonus is 5,000 Yuan for the first prize, 2,000 Yuan for the second prize and 1,000 Yuan for the third prize.

. The organizing committee of 2018 Taixing International Half Marathon holds the right to final interpretation of all issues of the solicitation.

Organizing Committee of Taixing International Half Marathon 

July 1, 2018