The Announcement of Soliciting Title Sponsors for 2018 Taixing International Half Marathon

The first international half marathon of Taixing in 2018 will be held in Taixing on October 28, 2018. This competition is sponsored by Chinese Athletics Association and Taixing Municipal People's Government, and is organized by Taixing Municipal Sports Bureau. The athletes come from all over the country, while international and domestic famous marathon athletes are also recruited to participate in it. The number of participants is more than 10,000, making it one of the top sports events in Taizhou region with the widest participation scope, the largest number of participants and the largest scale of competition. In line with the principle of "government leading, market operation, social participation and frugality", the organizing committee plans to carry out titling and sponsorship activities to provide funds, technology, products, services, human support and guarantee for the successful holding of the first international half marathon in Taixing in 2018, and to ensure that the title sponsors make full use of the platform to display their images and products, so as to better carry out advertising, brand communication, market development, product promotion, and in-depth marketing, in order to achieve the win-win results of social and economic benefits. Specific plans are as follows:

IForms of Sponsorship

. One general title sponsorship of the competition: for example, "* * * Cup" 2018 Taixing International Half Marathon;

. An unlimited number of fund and in-kind sponsors;

General Title Sponsorship Standard and Return Method

. General title sponsorship fee: 1 million Yuan, determined by bidding;

. Return Method:

1. Enjoy the general title sponsorship right of the marathon, and the name of the events related to the marathon are all entitled "* * * Cup" 2018 Taixing International Half Marathon;

2. The leader of the general title sponsor can be invited to attend the opening ceremony;

3. The "Special Contribution Award for Sports" can be granted to the general title sponsor;

4. Invite the leader of the general title sponsor to attend the award ceremony and award the prizes to the winning athletes;

5. The main background board of the presidium and the arch of the starting and ending point can be used for the publicity of the general title sponsor The main publicity nodes and supply points of the track can be arranged to publicize and display its products.;

6. The athletes' race bib numbers and equipment packages shall be printed with the "* * * * Cup" 2018 Taixing International Half Marathon. The name of the sponsors shall be printed in the prominent position of the competition apparels;

7. Conduct full-page publicity of the general title sponsor in the position of inside front cover and bottom of the game order book, results book, contest manual, etc.;

8. Publicize and report the general title sponsor in the broadcast, TV, newspaper, Smart Taixing and other media, release relevant news and information, and actively strive for the broadcast of the event news in various media at higher level;

9. According to the publicity needs of the general title sponsor, other publicity methods can be planned, and some theme activities can be carried out upon the request of the sponsor;

10. Invite 50 to 100 employees of the general title sponsor to organize the square formation to participate in the mini running program of the marathon, free of registration fee.

. Sponsorship Standards and Return Methods of Sponsors

The sponsorship standard: over 50,000 Yuan in cash or in product or service. In-kind sponsorship includes but is not limited to the following contents: drinking water and sports drinks, insurance, timing car, VIP reception hotel, working dinner and bread, dairy products, energy food, fruit, office equipment, etc.

 Return Methods:

1. Leaders of sponsors can be invited to attend the opening ceremony;

2. The "Contribution Award" can be granted to the sponsors;

3. Product advertisement can be displayed on the separated race track billboard.

4. Publicity platforms can be set up to display and promote products;

5. Print product publicity content in color pages of the game order book and contest manual;

6. Allow to use the words Designated Products for "* * * * Cup" 2018 Taixing International Half Marathon” for promotion.

. Purposes of Sponsorship Funds

1. Make up for the lack of funds for the competition;

2. Pay the media publicity expenses and various advertising production and display expenses of the sponsors;

3. Related expenses resulting from inviting media to participate in of publicity and reporting.

Agreement on Relevant Matters

1. Once related title sponsorship or sponsorship activities are agreed upon, an agreement shall be signed to determine separately and relevant fees shall be paid as agreed;

2. Relevant advertising and publicity content shall be provided by the sponsors;

3. Relevant advertising arrangements and publicity matters shall be determined through negotiation between sponsors and the marathon organizing committee;

4. Other matters not mentioned herein shall be clarified through the negotiation of both parties;

5. This scheme shall be implemented from the date of promulgation, and the deadline is October 28, 2018;

6. The final interpretation of the announcement belongs to the organizing committee of 2018 Taixing International Half Marathon;

7. Contact information of department accepting sponsorship: Taixing Municipal Sports Bureau (No. 1 East Wenchang Road, Taixing), Contact Person: Zhang WenTel: 15261046508.