Contest Regulations of 2018 Taixing International Half Marathon

I. Sponsor

Chinese Athletics Association, Taixing Municipal People's Government

. organizer

Taixing Municipal Sports Bureau 

. Co- organizer

Title sponsors, Taixing Long-distance Running Association, etc.

. Operator

Luaite (Shanghai) sports management Co., Ltd.

. Competition Date

October 28, 2018 (Sunday) 8:00 a.m.  Taixing Sports Center

. Competition Items and Scale

1. Male/female half marathon (21.0975 km), 5,000 people;

2. Male/female mini-marathon (about 5km), 3000 people;

3. Family parent-child running (about 2 km), 2000 people.

. Competition Route

.Starting Point: Taixing Municipal People's Government

. Ending Point: Taixing Sports Center

.Competition Route:

1. Half Marathon (21.0975 km): (starting point) South Gate of Taixing Municipal People's Government→East Guoqing Road→Wenjiang Road→ S334 return (the turning point is on the east side of the intersection of S334 and Dayuan Road)→Kechuang Road→South Side of Talent Service Center of High-tech Zone→Kexin Road→East Guoqing Road→Zhenhai Road→West Gate of Sports Center (ending point).

2. Mini Marathon (5km): (starting point) South Gate of Taixing Municipal People's Government→East Guoqing Road→Wenjiang Road→S334Zhenhai RoadXingnan RoadDongyang Road→East Wenchang Road→ North Gate of Sports Center (ending point).

3. Family Parent-child Running (2 km): (starting point) South Gate of Taixing Municipal People's Government→East Guoqing Road→Wenjiang Road→Xingnan Road→East Side Square of Dongrun Campus of Taixing Normal School Affiliated Primary School (ending point).

The final route of the competition shall be subject to the official handbook.

. Competition Methods

. In accordance with the latest track and field competition rules approved by Chinese Athletics Association and the contest regulations of  this marathon.

.Competition Inspection: the athletes shall wear the bib number correctly and arrive at the designated area at least 30 minutes before the competition.

. Starting order: according to the order of half marathon runners, mini marathon runners and family parent-child runners.

. Issuing order: adopt the method of starting at the same time with one shot.

. Timing Methods

1. Induction timing method is adopted in this competition. The induction timing chip will start the time when the contestants pass the starting line.

2. There are timing carpets at the starting point, every 5km point, turning point and ending point. During the runners' running, they must pass all the timing carpets. Finishing the race within closing time but lack of results of any timing point, there will be no ranking.

3. The timing chips will be issued at where contestants fetch race goods together with the bib numbers, and no chip deposit will be charged.

(6) Position and Time of Closing: the closing time is set for each section of the competition route. After the closing time, the timing carpets at corresponding kilometer points will stop working, and the corresponding sections will resume social traffic. The competitor who fails to complete the distance shall immediately stop the race within the prescribed closing time.

The closing time of the segmental track shall be calculated by natural time, as shown in the following table:


. Access to Clothing

The contestants shall leave his/her clothes in the designated area at the starting point according to the section number. After arriving at the destination, please go to the area of corresponding number to collect his/her clothes.

.Beverage, Drinking Water and Energy Supply Stations

1. Half Marathon:


2. Mini Marathon:

Destination: drinking water, beverage.

3. Family Parent-child Running:

Destination: drinking water, beverage.

.Toilet Facilities and Environmental Protection

1. The organizing committee sets up mobile toilet at starting and ending point and along the route of the competition (every 5 kilometers).

2. In order to protect the environment, contestants shall not defecate in any non-toilet area at starting and ending point or along the route of the competition. Do not throw away any wrapping paper, bottles and rubbish at will, and try to put them into the trash cans and garbage bags set up by the organizing committee.

.Medical Aid

1. The organizing committee sets up fixed medical stations at the starting point, along the track (every 2.5 kilometers starting from the 5 kilometers) and at the ending point; The on-site medical personnel shall have the right to suspend the contestant from the competition according to his/her physical condition and collect his/her bib number and chip; If the contestant refuses to follow the advice of the medical staff, he/she shall bear all consequences and responsibilities arising from the contest.

2. The organizing committee will provide AED medical rescue service to contestants during the competition, and arrange a certain number of medical runners to assist the rescue.

3. The organizing committee sets up medical service points and medical service volunteers along the track to maintain the order of the race and assist the rescue team. The contestants can ask them for help at any time.

i. The doping test will be conducted in accordance with relevant regulations.

ii. For other specific requirements and arrangements of the competition, please refer to the Official Handbook of 2018 Taixing Marathon.

Participation Methods

. Age Requirements of Contestants:

1. The age requirements for half-marathon is over 16 years old (born before December 31, 2002).

2. The age requirements for mini-marathon is over 12 years old (born before December 31, 2006).

3. Family parent-child running shall take family as a unit and have to include 1 or 2 adults and 1 minor aged between 7 and 16 years old (born between January 1, 2002 and December 31, 2011), adults and the minor must be immediate family relations.

4. The minors may participate in the competition with guardian’s signature, and with escort of at least one guardian; 

5. Contestants over the age of 65 must have their immediate family members to sign the Voluntary Entry Commitment;

6. For details, please refer to the Registration Instructions.

. Physical Condition Requirements of Contestants

Marathon is a high-load, high-intensity and long-distance sport, and is also a high-risk sport, which has high requirements on the physical condition of the contestants. Contestants should be in good health, have a long history of running and exercise, and should have completed training or competitions over the half marathon distance. Health examination certificate should be provided by the preliminary runners and athletes who have not participated in the marathon for more than three years. Please refer to the Registration Instructions.

Do not participate in the competition if you are in the following physical conditions:

1. Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease;

2. Hypertension and cerebrovascular diseases;

3. Myocarditis and other heart diseases;

4. Coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia;

5. Diabetes with high or low blood glucose;

6. Catch a cold within two weeks before the competition;

7. Other diseases not suitable for exercise;

8. Pregnant women.

.Registration Methods

1. Personal registration can be conducted through the registration system of Taixing International Marathon official website.

2. During the registration period, all applicants, after reading and agreeing to the Entry Statement, Registration Instructions and Risk Alert, shall truthfully fill in all the registration information as required and submit it. Upon successful payment of the registration fee, the registration process shall be completed. After the deadline for registration, according to the official announcement of the event, contestants can log on the official website of Taixing International Marathon ( ) to check the entry number, download and print the Registration Confirmation Letter, and check relevant procedures and requirements of entry items collection.

3. Registration Time

Registration will be open from July 1, 2018 to July 30, 2018. After the registration is started, the payment can be completed. The quota shall be subject to the payment. First come, first served. 

4. The organizing committee shall reserve the right to decide whether or not to accept the registration according to the registration situation of the contestants. After successful registration of the contestants, the registration items and entry information shall not be changed. The fee will not be refunded if the contestants abandon the competition due to personal reasons.

5. Team registration: For team registration of more than 30 people, the team leader shall fill in the team registration form offline, and the registration fee shall be collected uniformly.

.Registration Fee (currency: RMB Yuan)

(1) Domestic (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) contestants: 80 Yuan per person for half marathon; 50 Yuan per person for mini marathon, 60 Yuan for one adult and one minor and 90 Yuan for two adults and one minor for family parent-child running (Domestic registration (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) all uses second-generation ID Card).

(2) Foreign contestants: 1500 Yuan per person for half marathon; 100 Yuan per person for mini marathon, 100 Yuan for one adult and one minor and 160 Yuan for two adults and one minor for family parent-child running.

Ⅹ. Ranking Admission and Incentives

ⅰ.Half Marathon Awards and Other Items:

1. Rank 1st to 3rd places of International Men’s and Women’s Half Marathon according to the score of gunshot, and rank other places according to net time. Respective cash rewards are shown in the following table. If the gunshot scores are the same, the net time score is accepted (Currency: RMB).


2. Rank 1st to 3rd places of Domestic Men’s and Women’s Half Marathon according to the score of gunshot, and rank other places according to net time. Respective cash rewards are shown in the following table. If the gunshot scores are the same, the net time score is accepted (Currency: RMB).


Note: (1) The results of all the winners will be announced on the official website of the competition on October 10. The cash rewards will be paid within 30 days of the results of the doping test and the announcement. If there is any problem with the doping test, the place and cash rewards will be cancelled. Cash rewards will be paid according to the achievement of the competition and will not be paid on site.

(2) Only those who finish the race according to the regulations within the closing time can receive the finish items and medals.

(3) One trophy and one medal will be awarded to the 1st to 3rd place of men and women athletes in addition to the above cash rewards and prizes.

(4) The organizing committee will provide all contestants with participating uniforms, bags, bib numbers, timing chips, accident insurance and the Official Handbook of 2018Taixing Marathon

(5) The contestants who finish the race according to the regulations within the closing time can log on the official website 24 hours after the end of the competition for performance query and certificate printing. The certificate includes score of subsection points, score of gunshots and net time, etc.. If there is no score of any induction timing points, no ranking will be given.

ⅱ. Mini Marathon Awards and Other Items:


Note: 1. Before the competition, contestants will be issued with uniforms, bib numbers and bags.

2. Admit men’s and women’s 1st to 20th place respectively according to the effective results, and reward prizes (see the table above).

ⅲ. Family Parent-child Running Awards and Other Items:


Note: 1. Before the competition, contestants will be issued with uniforms, bib numbers and bags.

2. The results of family parent-child running are calculated by taking the family as the unit. 1st to 20th families who complete the whole race will be rewarded with prizes (see the table above).

Xi. Punishment Measures

In case of any of the following problems during the competition, the competition referee shall have the right to suspend the competition of the contestant, confiscate the bib number and chip of the violator on the spot, and cancel his/her qualification. After the competition, the organizing committee shall, according to the seriousness of the case, give the contestant punishment such as cancelling the result of the Taixing marathon, suspension for 1to 2 years or life suspension, etc., and report to Chinese Athletics Association for additional penalties:

1. Register with false age or false identity;

2. One contestant carries more than two timing chips (including two) to participate in the competition (including male contestant carrying female timing chip);

3.  Finish the race by relay;

4. Start in the non-designated area or not in the prescribed starting order;

5. Violation of rules when starting;

6. After closing time, do not listen to dissuasion to stop the race, or insert into the track again after quitting from the race;

7. Do not complete the whole course along the prescribed route, or complete the race by inserting around a shortcut or by means of transportation (automobile, bicycle, human three wheels, skateboard, etc.);

8. Fail to follow the regulations by passing the end point repeatedly, or pass the end point without completing the whole race to collect the finish items and medals;

9. Alter and occlude fabric without permission;

10. Disobey the command of the staff of the competition, interfere with the competition, gather people to make trouble and fight with each other;

11. Uncivilized behaviors (such as drowning, littering, etc.).

Xii. Insurance

This competition provides insurance for all contestants and staff. The insurance policy is subject to the registration information. The wrong registration information will lead to the failure of insurance. None of the impostors can be insured and will be punished accordingly.

Xiii. organizing Committee of Taixing International Marathon 

Address: (Taixing Sports Center), No. 1 East Wenchang Road, Taixing

Contact Person: Jiang Zhiwei, Tel: 0523-87550019 (Email: ), Mobile Phone: 13852888713

        Taixing Marathon's official website:

The interpretation right of this regulations belongs to the organizing Committee of Taixing International Marathon. Matters not mentioned herein shall be notified separately.