Runners Statement of 2018 Taixing International Half Marathon

As a contestant, I myself, my guardians, administrators, legal representatives and any may file a claim for compensation or litigation  on my behalf make the following statement:

1. I have volunteered to participate in the 2018 Taixing International Half Marathon and all related activities. I confirm that I have the corresponding capacity for civil conduct and civil liability to participate in the race, and have obtained the consent of my guardian;

2. I confirm that I fully understand and agree to abide by the rules, regulations, requirements and measures formulated by the organizing committee and the co-organizers;

3. I promise to provide true and valid information of myself to participate in the competition, and I shall be responsible for the personal information of the contestant when signing up for others, and ensure that the contestant himself/herself is aware of the terms and conditions of this statement;

4. I undertake to take part in the competition in my name, knowing that my qualification, bib number and timing chip of the competition will not be transferred to others in any way;

5. I promise to obey the management and command of the referee and the staff of the competition in the course of the competition;

6. I am aware that there are special health requirements and unsafe factors for participating in this competition, and I have carefully assessed all possible risks and accidents, including but not limited to: traffic accidents; Risks arising from weather changes or natural disasters; Danger from heat and humidity, including heat stroke; Risk that the physical condition of oneself or the physiological response accompanying the activity itself may cause; The harm that animals or insects may cause to human body; Other possible dangers, accidents and accidents. I am willing to bear the responsibility for my own accidental risk during the competition and agree that the sponsors shall not be liable for any form of compensation for any injury, death or any other form of injury caused by reasons other than the organizing committee;

7. I promise that I have fully trained and prepared for the competition, and that I have been examined by a state-certified medical institution to confirm that my physical and mental health conditions meet the requirements of the competition;

8. I agree to accept on-site first-aid medical treatment provided in the event of my own accident during the competition, and all medical expenses or hospitalization expenses incurred in excess of the coverage standard of the competition insurance shall be borne by me;

9. I agree that if I lose consciousness during the competition, the emergency volunteers of the organizing committee may use all means of first aid, including but not limited to CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation, AED in vitro defibrillation, rental of vehicles or aircraft for rapid transit. The legal liability and expenses arising therefrom shall be borne by me, and no legal and economic liability shall be imposed on the organizers or the emergency volunteers involved in the rescue;

10. I agree that if there is any risk in the activities, including but not limited to, injury, damage, irreversible permanent body damage, sequela, accident, responsibility, and events along with the economic loss, it will have nothing to do with the organizing committee, and shall be borne by myself;

11. I agree that if I conceal my health condition, I shall bear all the liabilities and expenses for personal injury, partial or permanent disability, death and medical treatment or hospitalization incurred during the competition, and shall be exempted from all liabilities of the organizing committee while the sponsors will not undertake any form of compensation for it;

12. I agree that all photos, pictures, films, videos and audiovisual films related to my participation in the competition shall remain in the possession of the organizing committee of the competition and agree that the aforesaid materials shall be used or authorized free of charge by the organizing committee or the designated media and sponsors;

13. I undertake to permanently authorize the organizing committee of the competition and its successor or transferee to use my personal information, portraits, sounds and appearances in the competition other than my ID number and contact information, including but not limited to any marketing activities, any commercial purposes, any media, any finished products and related advertising materials;

14. I am willing to receive relevant events information released by the organizing committee (including the sponsors);

15. I agree to obtain the half marathon completion certificate by self-printing on the official website of the organizing committee of the competition;

16. I agree that the organizing committee of the competition shall insure the insured against personal accident insurance on my behalf (note: the specific insurance content will be posted on the official website of the competition before the competition).